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Kill Violence & Tulip Ever After

Maison & Objet, Jan 2024 - Paris

Tulip Ever After has tulips that are about to blossom. It is a message of healing and hope. Violence takes many shapes and forms often being covert like sarcastic remarks or silent treatments. Such action or inaction is perhaps the smallest unit of violence that seems habitual and innocuous, but they can bring down one another instead of building up. We take pride in offering beautiful tulips that brighten your day and bring positivity to your life. We want to bring awareness. We want to take this opportunity to share the positive energy of the tulips and the floral scent that infuses your mood with optimism.



Nodito is dedicated to making your office colorful and cheerful. We perform better at work, when we are positive. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something small that reminds you to be positive and brightens your day as fresh flowers on your desk do. 


We are here to deliver a brighter day at work.



NoditoBetter Office, Better Hours.

Healing and Optimism

Tulip Ever After is a symbol of healing and hope, embodying the transformative power of nature. As our tulips prepare to blossom, we reflect on the subtler forms of violence that often go unnoticed in relationships, such as sarcastic remarks or silent treatments. These seemingly minor actions can be deeply damaging, chipping away at the foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

We hope to raise awareness of these covert forms of violence, encouraging a shift towards more supportive and uplifting interactions. We believe that just as tulips emerge from the soil to bloom beautifully, so too can our relationships thrive when nurtured with care and positivity. May the energy of our tulips and their floral scent infuse your life with healing and optimism, fostering an environment of growth and connection.

Booth Design

We placed the tulips against a rough, damaged wall to create a stark contrast. The vibrant colors of the tulips stand out strikingly against the gray, chaotic backdrop, magnifying their beauty and highlighting the power of nature's resilience. This visual metaphor extends our "Kill Violence & Tulip Ever After" ad campaign, emphasizing that even amidst harsh and violent environments, beauty and hope can prevail. By showcasing this juxtaposition, we aim to reinforce our message of healing and optimism.

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