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AD 2094 & Tulip Ever After

In the year 2094, the world had become a sterile landscape. The sun, hidden behind a perpetual veil of smog, cast a dim, sickly light over the once-vibrant Earth. Flowers, once the harbingers of spring and symbols of life, had vanished entirely. The last tulip had withered away decades ago, and with it, the final breath of natural fragrance.

Humanity, however, had not forgotten the allure of flowers. In this bleak future, artificial blooms filled the void left by their natural counterparts. 

Coming soon.
Maision & Objet, Sept. 2024

Kill Violence & Tulip Ever After

Maison&Objet, Jan. 2023

We want to take this opportunity to share the positive energy of the tulips and the floral scent that infuses your mood with optimism.


Tulip Surreal: Familiar Unfamiliar

NYNOW, 2023

An artificial tulip with a scent transforms a common, natural object into something both familiar and unfamiliar. This mirrors the surrealist technique of modifying everyday items to provoke new thoughts and feelings.


Tulip Surreal: Blur the Lines

Masion&Objet, 2023

Surrealists sought to blur the lines between reality and imagination. An artificial tulip that emits a natural scent blurs the distinction between the artificial and the natural. This fusion creates a surreal experience, challenging the observer's expectations and perceptions.

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